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How to Extend the Lifespan and Maximize the Performance of Your Engine

Engines have changed a LOT since inception – and are continuing to grow and evolve. Today’s engines produce hotter combustion temperatures, higher cylinder pressures, less ring tension, and tighter tolerances than we have ever seen. Because of this, staying on top of engine maintenance at a higher level is essential to keeping your vehicle running for the long haul.

Here are 7 ways to keep your engine fit and functional.

#1 Stay on top of your oil changes

The engine is the heart of your car and engine oil keeps all moving parts well lubricated. Without this, wear and tear can pile up quickly. Clean oil also traps dust, dirt, and sediment to keep them out of places they shouldn’t be. The oil filter is equally important and should be checked and inspected at every oil change.

Because of today’s engine technology, just an oil change is no longer sufficient to keep your car running efficiently. Because of this, here at Main Street Mechanic, we’ve upgraded our oil changes to Engine Service packages. The only difference between a basic oil change and our starting Engine Service package is the addition of BG MOA Advanced Formula Additive.  After draining the fluid and removing the filter, we fill the oil valve with BG Full Synthetic or BG Synthetic Blend Engine Oil, leaving room in the crankcase for the addition of BG Advanced Formula MOA® with the new oil. BG Advanced Formula MOA is an oil fortifier that keeps piston rings from sticking, stabilizes oil viscosity, prevents increased exhaust emissions, reduces wear, prevents sludge and varnish, and is resistant to evaporative oil loss.

#2 Stay On Top of Cooling System Maintenance

Always ensure that there is ample coolant in the tank to help with heat dissipation. There is a lot of heat given off during combustion, which is dispersed through the metals and alloys in your engine. Keep a 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water. Watch the engine temp gauge on hot days and shut your car off if it’s even close to overheating.

#3 Change Your Engine and Air Filters

Your engine needs oxygen as much as we do. A dirty air filter can constrict air flow, preventing the fuel from burning completely. This can increase emissions and reduce mileage. Check your filters often and change it out for a fresh one whenever there is too much dirt or debris for air flow to easily pass through.

#4 Inspect for Leaks

Leaks are an obvious sign that there is something wrong with your engine and it’s not performing at max capacity. Engine oil and antifreeze can be two of the most common leaks that occur. If you notice any leaks, bring your vehicle into Main Street Mechanic immediately.

#5 Don’t Drive on Empty

Oil contains sediments that sink to the bottom of your tank, leaving a layer of crap that should never reach your engine. When your vehicle’s running on low fuel, you start to dip into this harmful sediment layer. Make sure to tap your tank off long before it starts to run on fumes.

#6 Get Your Belts Inspected

Your engine relies on multiple belts to run efficiently. Belts are made out of rubber and wear down over time. It’s important to have your belts regularly inspected by your mechanic for cracks and signs of wear. If a belt breaks while your vehicle is running, it can cause serious damage and expensive repairs.

#7 Heed the Check Engine Light

It may be quiet and subtle, but your “Check Engine” light is your engines way of screaming for help. It’s important to immediately have your vehicle inspected when the check engine light comes on.

These simple checks and maintenance services will keep your engine healthy and save you a lot of money in repairs and replacement. The engine is easily the most expensive and complex part of your car. Don’t let the ball drop on engine care and it will return the favor to you in many ways. For any questions, maintenance needs, or inspection services, our ASE-Certified Mechanics here at Main Street Mechanic are standing by and ready to help.




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