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The Importance of a 90,000 mile service

We all know the importance of basic maintenance on our vehicles, but how many of us have made plans for the larger jobs to come? In an ideal world, this would be second nature, but sometimes life happens and we forget or put it off until next week/month. It’s ok, human nature directs our attention to the pressing needs of day to day life rotating between family and work needs. But that’s why we are here, to remind you and inform you on those important repairs/maintenance items. There is one job in particular that should be looked into right around the 90,000 mile mark and that is timing belts. Timing belts, also known as the silent killer, are a tricky component to remember because they don’t give many-if any warning signs of failure. The timing belt controls the movement of upper engine components (engine camshaft and valves) in correct timing with the lower end of the motor (crankshaft/engine rods and pistons).

Being hidden by timing covers makes it even a more forgetful component. Over time the timing belts will wear out, and could eventually slip or break, causing interference inside the engine that can cause engine failure. 

Identifying the need of a new timing belt can be relatively quick and cheap, with the repair usually completed in one day. Usual parts needed for this job will include the timing belt, tensioners, water pump, drive belts, some gaskets and coolant. 

With timing belts needing replacement around the 90,000 mile mark, it’s also a good idea to complete any other services that are being called for at this mileage, or at least become aware so you can plan accordingly and schedule them in advance to keep your car on the road.

If you’re sitting around this 90,000 mileage mark in your Honda, Toyota or other four wheeled transportation, let Main Street Mechanic take a look (not all cars use a timing belt). A timing belt inspection is $39.99 (originally a $69 dollar service), and on the day of the repair we have a complimentary shuttle available to take you back home or to work and back to the shop to pick up your ride when the repairs are complete..




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