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Fall Car Maintenance to get ready for your Fall Break and Holiday Road Trips

It’s the season of pumpkin-spiced lattes and football parties. Fall break is just a couple days away and Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are not far behind.

While proper vehicle maintenance is needed year round, being especially diligent with your vehicle’s maintenance during fall is essential. Throughout the heat of summer, the temperatures take a toll on your tire tread, oil, car battery, and cooling system. You want to make sure your vehicle is ready not just for fall, but for the winter months ahead. Here are a few car maintenances services to check off your to-do list this fall to ensure your vehicle is ready for all the road and weather conditions ahead.

Here the Fall Maintenance Checklist. We’ll go over everything in more details below.

  •         Check oil fluids
  •         Ensure interior and exterior lights work
  •         Measure tire pressure and tread depth
  •         Wash car and update emergency kit
  •         Inspect windshield wipers and top off wiper fluid
  •         Test battery and brakes
  •         Change cabin filter

The easiest way to take care of everything on this list is to schedule a Winter Inspection with Main Street Mechanic in American Fork. We’re currently offering a $10 “Get Ready for Winter Inspection” for just $10 – a $90 value! We’ll check your engine oil, your lights, your tires, your fluids, and your filters. We’ll recommend what needs to be done by what’s most urgent and provide upfront pricing before we take care of any other services.

Engine Oil

The oil is what lubricates the moving components of your vehicle’s engine, allowing it to run efficiently without wear. If the oil is low or dirty, your engine can start to wear down and accelerate towards engine failure.

Check Exterior Lights

Don’t forget – with fall comes daylight savings time! It’s going to start getting darker earlier and lighter later in the day. It is crucial to check to ensure your lights are properly working so you can see clearly at night – and be seen clearly at night. Broken taillights, headlights, and blinkers significantly increase the risk of accidents and collisions. Take a couple minutes to walk around your vehicle and check headlights, taillights, blinkers, and brake lights for proper operation.

Tire Pressure and Depth

Ensure your tire pressure is at the correct PSI. Too much air and you run the risk of blowout. Too little air can reduce the responsiveness, which can be very dangerous in rain and snow. Use the penny test to check on your tread depth. Put a penny in your tread with Lincoln’s head pointing downward. If you can see his entire head, it is likely time to replace your tire because your tread is no longer deep enough to drive safely.

Wash Car and Update Emergency Kit

Washing your vehicle ensures that any contaminants from your summer travels are washed off before they damage the paint and cause corrosion. Damage from the summer is made worse during the fall. A thorough wash preserves your vehicle’s paint and extends longevity. Your emergency kit should include a properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench, tripod jack, jumper cables, tool kit, flashlights, extra batteries, reflective triangles, compass, first aid kit, nonperishable foods, drinking water, reflective vest, car charger for your cell phone, fire extinguisher, duct tape, rain poncho, warm clothing, snow shovel, and windshield washer fluid.

Inspect Windshield Wipers and Top Off Wiper Fluid

Though often underestimated, the windshield wipers are one of the most essential safety components on your vehicle. They ensure you can see clearly during rain and snow storms. Check the conditions of the rubber on your blades, notice any cracks or pieces, and replace them if you notice any issues. Make sure to top off your wiper fluid so you don’t run out in a critical situation.

Test Battery and Brakes

Having your battery checked by a professional mechanic is absolutely essential before fall and winter. Hot summer weather can significantly wear down your car’s engine. Get your battery checked and drive with peace of mind that your vehicle will start and continue to run in any condition. It’s always a good idea to have a set of jumper cables in your car in case of emergency. You’ll also want to have your brakes checked for any issues that may prevent them from working appropriately in dangerous conditions.

Change Cabin Filter

Your cabin air filter should be changed at least once a year. Once you change your cabin air filter, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your driving comfort and efficiency of your defrosting, heating, and cooling systems. A new cabin air filter will help keep the interior clean and remove any odor.

Keeping your vehicle maintained for fall and winter will help keep it running at its best and give you and your family peace of mind. It’s also always a good idea to have an auto protection plan to keep your car covered from unexpected breakdowns. We are currently offering discounts off repairs, and are proud to cover most of our repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a bad condition or facing expensive repair bills. Get a $10 thorough Winter Inspection and keep up with regular maintenance to save money and drive safely.




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