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What's New At Main Street Mechanic? We've Expanded Our Team!

We have been busy, busy, busy over here at Main Street Mechanic in American Fork as we continue to keep up with the care, maintenance, and repair of our community’s vehicles. With the ending of summer and the beginning of a school year, we’re continuing to deliver AAA-quality, superior service to ensure your vehicles are safe for all the roads ahead, running at maximum fuel efficiency, and covered by our 3 year/36,000 mile nationwide warranty for your peace of mind.

Since 2005 it has been our goal to serve ALL of our neighbors as quickly and as effectively as possible. As you may have noticed, we’ve been a bit short-handed these last few months as one of our long-time mechanics moved out of state. Our wait times got crazy (up to 3 weeks at one point) and We want to sincerely apologize to those we were not able to service in a timely manner. The trust you have placed in us over the years means everything here at Main Street Mechanic. We have GREAT news though!

We’ve been through a thorough hiring process to find the best of the best mechanic – a technician we could trust to deliver quality service at the high standards our customers have come to expect. We are happy to announce that we have now added NOT ONE, BUT TWO top-notch techs to our team! This allows us to not only get cars in and done faster, but we are now able to expand our services and take even better care of our customers from our 11-bay service shop. SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS are BACK for a lot of our services!

Your business is highly valued and valuable to us here at Main Street Mechanic. We want to express our deepest apologies to those who we could not get into the shop in time for urgent repairs/maintenance. We are thrilled to now have new members on our time with expanded capacity to provide more services to more individuals in a more timely manner. We are here for your questions, repairs, inspections, and maintenance needs! We have an industry-leading 3 year warranty on most repairs, competitive pricing, extremely high-tech diagnostic equipment, an AAA-Approval status, a free customer shuttle, loaner cars available, free wi-fi in our kid-friendly waiting room, and so much more. We are also proud and grateful to have been voted #1 BEST Auto Mechanic of Utah Valley in 2022, continuing a 5 year streak!

Fuel Saver Special

As gas prices continue to hover well above the typical prices we’ve seen in Utah Valley, we’re continuing to offer our Fuel Saver Special. For just $99 (a discount of $30), come in and receive a full Fuel Economy CarSafeTM inspection of your vehicle. We’ll find any issues that are reducing fuel efficiency and increasing your costs at the pump. We’ll also add a BG 44k Engine Power Enhancer to your tank. This fuel system cleaner quickly cleans fuel injectors, valves, and combustion chambers. It restores performance and gas mileage, and has been proven to increase combustion quality and power output. A $129 value for just $99 while supplies last. Call or message us to schedule your appointment today and start saving money at the pump!

BG Lifetime Protection Plan

Speaking of BG products, we want to continue to educate our customers on the BG Lifetime Protection Plan. This amazing warranty is completely FREE – it doesn’t cost you a dime!! It’s like free insurance for your vehicle that will cover up to $6,000 of your costs as long as you stay on top of regular maintenance. It’s really that easy!!

To put it simply, if you get your car serviced with BG products (which we already use here at our shop so it doesn’t cost you any extra) at the recommended intervals, BG will automatically cover the repairs of major systems in your vehicle up to over $6,000. The BG Lifetime Protection Plan covers seven major system – fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, cooling, power steering, and brakes.

We are proud to carry and use BG products. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive fuel, greases, and chemicals, providing a truly superior product that enables your vehicle to achieve and maintain the highest performance and the greatest longevity. By getting your vehicle maintenance services at Main Street Mechanic at the appropriate intervals, you will AUTOMATICALLY be put on the BG Lifetime Protection Plan – at absolutely no additional cost to you! If your car is under 100,000 miles, we can get you on the Lifetime BG Protection Plan starting at your next maintenance service.

September Specials – The Time To Buy Tires Is Now! Plus Oil Change and Alignment Coupons

Make sure not to miss our September-exclusive specials going on now! Get $15 off any Laser 3D Tire Alignment. An alignment not only extends the longevity of your tires, it also increases fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. We’re also offering $20 OFF a Synthetic Oil Change Upgrade, allowing you to save money while taking the very best care of your vehicle. This coupon can be combined with the alignment special. We’re also offering one of our best tire specials of the whole year!! Our Tire Special provides $15 OFF every new tire you buy, PLUS lifetime flat repair and lifetime rotations!! If you’re in the market for new tires in the next few months, come into Main Street Mechanic NOW to get this amazing special before it’s gone! You’ll save $15 off every new tire you buy, and continue to save money with free flat repair and rotations for the entire life of the tire. This coupon can also be combined with the alignment offer!

If you want your vehicle to last longer, get better fuel efficiency, receive service from the #1 voted Best Mechanic of Utah Valley 2022, and be covered for major system repairs – FOR FREE – bring your vehicle into Main Street Mechanic for all your mechanical fluid and car maintenance needs. And get new tires with free lifetime flat repairs and rotations while you’re at it! Call today to schedule your appointment or simply stop by – walk-ins are always welcome.

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