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Engine Oil Flush - Why It's Important

We all know vehicle’s need regular maintenance, but keeping track of every necessary service and understanding why each service is important is often overwhelming. One of the services that is often misunderstood is an engine flush. Engine flushes use a special cleanser to clear out accumulated deposits, sludge, and gunk from your engine. A mechanic will add this cleanser to your engine’s oil-filler port and idle the engine for about 10-15 minutes. The cleanser mixes with the oil and circulates through the engine, dissolving the sludge and clearing out deposits. Once this is complete, your mechanic will drain the oil and gunk, change the oil filter, and add fresh oil. In this blog, we’ll go over why an engine flush is important, when you should get your engine flushed, and the potential dangers of skipping this important maintenance step.

Why Engine Flushes Are Important

Over time, deposits of sludge and grime accumulate in your engine, harming the performing and causing power loss. High heat, frequent short trips, ingestion of dirt, and fuel dilution can all be causes of engine buildup. The sludge can end up clogging narrow oil passages and restrict oil flow to vital parts, especially the upper valve train. Dirt and grime can also cause the rings to stick, reducing engine compression and horsepower. Engine flushing gets rid of impurities, replaces old oil, and provides a new, clean oil filter. After an engine flush, your engine will return to maximum power and efficiency.

There are some telltale signs that it’s time for an engine flush. A clog in the engine can be just one cause of the check engine light coming in. Another signs is if you notice oil splatters under the hood in the form of thick, dark oil that comes off in clumps. You can also check the oil pan. If there is sludge in the oil pan, this often indicates that there is a high level of sludge in the motor.

When To Get An Engine Flush

An engine flush is generally recommended once or twice a year, depending on how many short trips you take and if you drive in hot or dusty climates. It is often best to combine an engine flush with an oil change, making sure to get the engine flush right before the oil change. An engine flush is often the first step in helping restore a neglected vehicle to top-notch performance. It gives your vehicle and engine a fresh start.

Dangers Of Skipping An Engine Flush

Skipping an engine flush means allowing sludge to buildup in your oil and engine. This sludge will block critical pathways in the engine, increase power consumption, cause power loss, increase fuel consumption, cause oil pressure problems, cause hard starting, and cause overheating. There may also be something wrong in your engine that is causing sludge buildup that needs to be looked at, including:

-        A faulty head gasket

-        Oil contamination by unburned gasoline

-        Poor oil circulation

-        Infrequent oil changes and filter changes

-        Poor quality oil or improperly used oil

-        Oil contamination by the emissions system

-        Engine runs too hot or too cold in sports

-        Oil filler cap seal failure

Sludge buildup can plug filters, oil passages and the oil pickup screen, all of which can eventually lead to others parts of the car failing. Oil sludge buildup is dangerous because it directly impacts the car engine. It reduces or stops oil circulation, which can result in needing to repair or replace a seized car engine, a costly repair.

Come To Main Street Mechanic

If it’s time for you to get an engine flush – especially if this is one service you’ve neglected before – make sure to bring your car into Main Street Mechanic. We use top of the line products and diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the exact services your vehicle needs to be at optimal performance. We are currently offering a FREE oil change with every Engine Oil Flush scheduled between now and August 15, 2022. Call us today, stop by, or schedule an appointment online to keep your vehicle at maximum fuel efficiency and performance.




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