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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

Staying on top of your vehicle’s regular maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan and longevity of your vehicle, as well as help maintain it’s value if you ever choose to sell it. Almost everyone will check the vehicle history report before purchasing a vehicle, and they will show how well you kept up with the maintenance schedule. You don’t have to be a car mechanic to stay on top of your maintenance schedule, it just takes a checklist and a dedication to the right schedule for your vehicle and driving style.

30-60-90 Interval

In general, we recommend the 30-60-90 service interval, which puts your car in the shop for scheduled maintenance at 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, almost all manufacturers have a 30/60/90k maintenance, or factory scheduled maintenance. This is an important schedule for the overall health of your vehicle and to avoid costly and avoidable auto repairs. Another reason to stay on top of your 30/60/90 service interval is most warranties depend on it. If something goes wrong with your vehicle but you haven’t kept up with the maintenance, the warranty might not cover it. It can prevent small problems from becoming big ones, prolong the life of your vehicle, and help retain your car’s value.

At these maintenance intervals, the mechanic will inspect the vehicle’s major systems for any signs of a problem. They’ll also conduct any of the following maintenance procedures as needed, including replacing spark plugs and wires, replacing filters, checking fluids, rotating tires, changing oil, inspecting the timing belt, and servicing the brakes.

3-6-9 Interval

For more basic maintenance in between the large gaps, we recommend checking belts, battery, and cables every 3,000 miles, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid every 6,000 miles, power steering and lights every 9,000 miles, and coolant and tires every 12,000 miles.

It’s important to make sure the battery is mounted securely and corrosion free. V-belts and serpentine belts need to be verified to be in good condition If they are frayed or worn, they will need to be replaced to keep your vehicle safe.

Oil Changes

Oil Changes every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Always check with and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes. It’s also recommended to get your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, so it’s not a bad idea to do this at every other oil change.

Air Filters

Change your air filters every 15,000 miles. They should definitely not be changed at intervals exceeding 30,000 miles. For dusty or high pollution areas, most car experts recommended changing your air filter every 15,000 miles.

Attend ASAP

Check Engine Light – when the check engine light, your electronic control system has run into a problem it can’t fix. It’s important to get this checked right away, it could be indicative of a big problem that will cause major damage if you keep driving without fixing it. If the check engine light is flashing, make sure to take it into a shop right away!

Tire Pressure Light – Driving on tires with the wrong pressure can cause alignment issues, make the tires wear unevenly, and reduce gas efficiency. If your tire pressure light comes on, make sure the top off the air in the tires as needed. If it continues to come on, you may need to investigate for possible leaks.

Headlights and Tail Lights – If a light goes out, you may need to inspect for a blown fuse. Driving with blown lights can both be dangerous and get you a ticket. If there is no blown fuse, you’ll need to replace the light immediately.

Broken Wiper Blades – Wiper blades aren’t expensive but are important to visibility – which is critical to safe driving. Driving with reduced visibility endangers you and everyone on the road. Make sure to quickly replace wiper blades that aren’t doing the job due to damage or wear.

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