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4 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Vehicles A/C

Temperatures are rising, which means your car's air-conditioning system is going to get a workout. But there's an art to cooling your car correctly. We here at Main Street Mechanic have some handy tips to help you cool your car faster while burning less fuel. 

1. Don't Pre Cool

Your car air conditioning works much better when you're actually driving, because the faster the engine turns, the faster the A/C compressor runs, which lets the system cool more effectively. Don't waste time and gas by letting your car run before you go. If the interior is really hot, crank up the fan when you start driving, and open just the rear windows for 10 to 20 seconds. This forces all the hot air out of the cabin. Don’t open the front windows—that only moves the heat out of the front of the car, and it will leave the air in the back of the cabin hot and stagnant. 

2. Make Sure Your Filter's Clean

Get your cabin air filter checked to make sure it’s clean. Dirt and debris in your filter can obstruct air flow, increasing the workload of your cooling system. By replacing the filter regularly, you can reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner while allowing the free movement of air for improved indoor comfort.

3. Switch The AC to Recirculation Mode

Often it might be more efficient to switch your AC to recirculation mode instead of letting it cool air from the outside, especially when the said outside air is above 100 F. When you start driving, roll down the car’s windows for a few minutes and turn the AC control to fresh air mode, letting the hot, stagnant air escape to the outside. If there is a sunroof installed, be sure to open it as well. Since hot air rises, this can help vent it out of the car much faster. Afterward, close the windows and switch the AC to recirculation mode.

4. Keep the A/C Condenser Clean

An AC condenser is usually located right in the front of the car, just behind the grill. It is a component responsible for re-cooling the AC’s refrigerant by expelling the excess heat into the passing airflow. However, dirt and debris can pile up and clog the path of airflow, leading to much-reduced cooling efficiency. Be sure to have it periodically inspected and cleaned so that it can function optimally.

As always if you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle's A/C system, it’s always best to let trained technicians diagnose and help solve the problem. Don’t hesitate to call us at 801-756-2661 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment and make sure you stay cool as the temperatures keep rising. Walk-ins are welcome also! 

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